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Dispensary Services

Our dispensary carries 800 frames and includes selections for every budget,  vision requirement, age and sense of style. We carry frames rated for safety in the workplace, sunglass specific frames, titanium and nickel-free for patients with metal allergies and memory metal frames. It is our practice to carry current production designs and our vendors keep us up to date on new fashions, materials and options by reviewing our inventory every few months and replacing outdated or discontinued items. Every frame purchased includes a one year warranty replacement policy for manufacturer defects.


We select lenses and lens options based on your vision needs, preferences and doctor recommendations. In today’s technology age, we ask our eyes and our eyeglasses to perform many tasks. Many companies are keeping pace with the demands on our vision by improving progressive lens design, creating job specific bi-focals, computer lenses and digitally enhanced single vision lenses.  Additionally, there is a wide variety of anti-reflective/anti-scratch coatings and sun sensitive lenses to enhance your vision under different lighting conditions. Very new technology includes light filters to reduce the harmful effects of blue light from devices such as computer monitors, tablets and cell phones.  The lenses and enhancements that we choose are the best in the industry in order to provide the highest quality and performance for our patients.

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